StreaMaster VIP 2020 VOD 4K Ultimate Streaming TV Box Video on Demand Subscription 12 Months plus keyboard Remote

From $469.95

VOD Subscription:


ALL NEW FOR 2020, NO monthly bills for VOD Subscription

The latest hardware from the top streaming device in the country!

Upgraded Octacore processors, upgraded WiFi cards for better WiFi connectivity and speeds, the all new StreaMaster VIP app installed on the home screen.

StreaMaster media player is leading the industy in entertainment technology. StreaMaster VIP 2020 is a media device than can  turn any regular basic tv into a full on smart tv!  Entertainment at your finger tips without the extra monthly cost!


Bringing More Video On Demand Choices for you !

For 12 Months Subscription Video on demand, You can choose to subscription 3 options

1. Streamaster VIP box + Live TV+ Keyboard Remote

2. Streamaster VIP Box + Movie Series + Keyboard Remote

3. Streamaster VIP Box + Live TV+ Movies Series+ Keyboard Remote



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